How to center my nav bar?

Hey there!

I somehow can’t seem to find where could I center my nav bar. It made to flex, and I position it to center but it doesn’t work. Thankful for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ilonadzen

it looks centered to me:

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can you share screenshot of what you’re seening?

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Does the body overflow on the live website, causing it to be uncentered? We can’t really know without a link. looks good.

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Hey guys, thank you very much! I managed to find a problem and rework the nav bar from the ground up.
However, I have another question with the mobile nav bar. If you scroll through the site and try to open the menu (tapping the face icon at the bottom), the nav bar will not be seen in the viewport unless scrolled back to the top. Any ideas how to either make the nav bar open up in the current viewport, whenever you’re scrolled down?

You should look into position fixed (or sticky) for this! Give the class nav-menu-3 position: fixed and it will work as intended.

Thank you, it worked!! :pray:t2:

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