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Can someone help me if it’s possible. Can you take a look at my site (still a work in progress so don’t judge the look or layout of certain things):


What I’m wondering is how I can get the columns you see on the landing page, to take up the full height of the opening screen. I’d still need each column to be clickable and the rest of the page be scrollable but I need to make sure they take up the full height of the page as it loads.Is this possible?

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It’s full screen for me but to make sure try changing the body height to 100%.

There is also vh or viewer height. So you can manually type in for the element, in this case the columns, to be height to be 100vh. I don’t have much experience with this unit.

More on vh:


Sorry for the very late reply here.

How would I change the height to be ‘vh’ in webflow?



Sorted it, 100% height on the body, then 100% on the columns. Thanks

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vh is not listed in the dropdown.

but if you just type “100vh” in the input field…

it will accept it.

See video


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Thats handy to know. I’ve sorted this now but thanks for the tip!

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