FTP/SFTP Publishing, export directly to server


I would first like to congratulate you on your pro work.
It’s going to be about a month that I got insinuated on Webflow being myself Graphic Designer and Webdesigner living in Paris, and I must say personally that your tool CMS ma strongly liked, that is what a lot of freelancers like me were looking for to save time. I also work in agency, by my own will I started in Freelance but today I am very interested to integrate your cms as the main way to design my work but however something slows me down, and that is A detail that must absolutely meet and see.
@topelovely to publish on May 4, 2014 an application that is in my title that to integrate a way to directly download our projects in the respective servers of customers. Sure enough you insist your clientele to go to your hoster however, I who am in Paris with fairly high prices I find myself with customers who do not want to pay the price of your server, that’s where this tool comes into play, Because I want to subscribe and make your tool my main tool but unfortunately it still lacks a direct file transfer (FTP) it saves me from wasting a lot of time. Can we have news about this ?! Not just for me but for all the people who ask the question over and over again.
In this I also join the discussion of price increase by @HarryField.
These are the two things that are worth to me.

Sorry for my English :confused:
Thank you for your understanding

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This is already requested here https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-237

Thank you but that does not answer the question: if there was any news regarding this topic? I just want to know

If there are any news, the wishlist item will be updated by the Webflow staff.

ok --" thanks… I understood