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Connect Webflow with FTP?


is its possible ( for the future ) to connect a webserver with ftp directly out from webflow? i think that is an service that save time because i must not export and upload the whole data package if i do a little change at my site.


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This is definitely something that is sorely needed.

I would “vote” for this (If possible). Would make publishing easier for sure - create a “publish” option to the correct server with credentials other than just webflow or “custom domain”…

Just a thought while we’re on the subject - it would be nice if it uploaded only the “changed” files and not all of them. IE - A quick date change on the home page shouldn’t need every file reloaded on the server…

Wouldn’t it be easier to create a connection with GitHub? They’ve got all the functions you guys need.

Yes, but I don’t think everybody would prefer using github.

I agree, this would be a great feature. One of the top reasons I use Webflow over others is its flexibility and extendibility. Little things like this are going to keep me using the product.