From 1440 to 1920px (Breakpoints Bug in Grid)

Hello! I have a problem when switching between screen 1440 and 1920px. In Designer view in Webflow I have see everything is good but after publishing I see that in screen size 1920 view is the same as in the screen 1440. Look at the grid. In screen 1920 it have to be in the third column, but in live site it is on the second as in the breakpoint 1440.

If you look at the inspector you’ll see that grid-column-start is the same (2) as in the screen 1440 or 1920. But in designer (1920) it is 3!

Look at the video:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hey Stepan,

Did you end up figuring this out?

I’m also having issues with the larger breakpoint sizes using a grid. It works fine in preview, but when published the media query stack gets reversed so that the breakpoint for the small screen sizes are a higher priority than the larger sizes (canceling out the larger breakpoint due to the priority in the CSS stack).

Attached is an example showing the following working in Preview but not when published:
At the default breakpoint, I would like the text to start at the 1st column in the grid.
In the 1920 breakpoint, I would like the text to start at the 3rd column in the grid.

Is this a bug? Any help would be much appreciated!


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