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Freelance work | Animation Video on Scroll without Lottie animation

Good day. I am trying to find a person who can help me to control a video one of of a sections on my website on scroll. So the same thing as you can do with lottie animation and as everyone is talking about (like an Apple website), but without actually using lottie. Because I need to control a video 15 seconds long in 60 frames. So if I make a lottie from the video even lowering the quality and the frame/rate the size is way too big.

I know that there is an option to make it work using custom CSS and JS, but I am not a “custom code” type of guy, so need someone to help me out. Maybe there is an existing solution, but I haven’t found it. I am ready to pay for your time.

Hope you are doing well.

I would like to assist you, please reach me on so we can discuss further or you can also reach me on Skype as well.

Best Regards!
Seth R
Skype - cis.seth

Hello there,
Hope you;re doing good.

I can help with your requirement.

PM sent, pls check.


Sent you an email, no reply.