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Animating Video on Scroll without Lottie animation

Hello everyone. I need your help.

I am trying to animate a video on scroll without using the Lottie animation. The thing is that the video I am trying to animate is 15 seconds long and when I create a JSON file using Bodymovin inside AE the total file size comes up to 120mg. I know that there are a lot of topics on the formula by people complaining that such a heavy animation is not working + even if it would work, it’s a very bad idea to use it on a website cause people would need to load it every time.

And the sad part here is that I can’t do anything about it. Because I can’t lower the resolution of the video too much cause it will look very bad on the website, but if I do low it down, it won’t go under 20mg. And I also can’t really change the frame rate. But I do need to make it work. And I am willing to spend time and money making it happen.

So I guess that my only option would be to stick a website’s scrolling to the video playback. I know that there is no option to do it suing Webflow’s animations, but…

ARE THERE ANY OTHER OPTIONS TO DO THAT? Like using a custom code? I am not a coding expert so I guess I won’t be able to create the code myself, but at least I need to know either it’s possible or not. And if it is, I’ll find someone to help me out. Maybe if you know how to make it work, you can share it with me? You can do it here or you can send me a personal message so that we can discuss it furhter.

I would appreciate ANY help from you guys. Thank you in advance.