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Free hosting sites, avoid or?

Hi all,

Have been looking into creating sites in webflow, exporting them and hosting them on a free hosting site.

Has anyone had any luck doing this for basic sites? Or any horror stories?

If you have no database, try Amazon S3.

Here’s my latest exported project hosted in S3:

Cost? $0.63 per month for hosting for ~78,000 pageviews / ~150,000 requests (last 30 days).

It’s so cheap it’s practically free.

Do note a “free” service usually means you are the product. Take for example Facebook/Google - they sell your preferences by displaying targeted ads, track your browsing history, etc.

Can second the recommendation for Amazon S3.

I might get into trouble for this but it seems relevant this time.

Check out netlify, they offer free hosting with custom domain but do limit the bandwidth.


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