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Foxycart expert needed


We need someone that is experienced with customizing FoxyCart for us. If you have experience with the customer portal and Zapier integration as well that would be great, but not a requirement.

Feel free to reach out to me here or to have a quick chat👌

Hi @Espen_Andre_Olsen

I recommend you post your job to - it’s a freelance marketplace we built just for no-code. All experts are vetted and we are strongly focusing on Webflow expertise. You can send requests, get proposals, and chat with experts in your own dashboard. Experts also showcase their portfolios so you know what they’ve built, and the platform is free for everyone.

You will have no problems finding a Webflow expert to help you out there.

Just shoot me a DM if you need help with posting your job.



Hi @Espen_Andre_Olsen.
I sent over a list of recommended developers via email. For anyone else that has more advanced needs that are outside of your comfort and outside of our normal support, let us know and we can connect you with someone who can help.


Hi, Josh! Could I get that experts list too? Im trying to build a store with webflow for an operation in Perú. Thanks

Hi @Jose_Antonio_Avila.
Sorry for the late reply. For sure. I’ll message it to you. I’d love to learn more about your use case. If you know how to use Webflow, for most use cases, a developer is not needed.