Need a SEO/Analytics Freelancer Familiar with Webflow & FoxyCart


I was wondering if anyone out there has experience with advanced eCommerce SEO/Analytics/Goals/Events. I need some advice on best Analytics/SEO practices and help setting up eCommerce and advanced tracking. If SEO/Analytics/Marketing and of course Webflow is your thing then give me a direct message. (If you can help with this it’s a bonus) I am also looking to set-up and run an affiliate marketing program using a software like ShareASale.


  • Sam G


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@svzdesign Private message sent that includes recommended developers/designers.

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So much for that. Nice move. Why bother bidding now? :laughing:

Hey @itbrian40 .
Sorry about that. I didn’t realize how my post would read to potential leads. I had already chatted with Scott some earlier this week and was just posting here publicly so it didn’t seem the Foxy team was ignoring related forum posts.

Please reach out to @svzdesign if you’re interested. The developers I sent him don’t have any experience with Webflow. Hope this clears things up a bit.


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OK. That clarifies things. Thanks Josh.