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Foxy + Webflow E commerce Site



Created a simple Foxy + Webflow Ecommerce solution for RNT imports…


Very cool site. Love it! :slight_smile:

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great job! super clean!

How was your experience when creating this store front with Webflow/FoxyCart?

@Scott_Van_Zandt You did an amazing job! Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks! I appreciate it. I will be creating another Foxy/Webflow site for a client this week. :slight_smile:

@PixelGeek Thank you!! The combination really works great! I think it’s a really aesthetically pleasing / responsive solution for simple Ecommerce sites. However, I still am trying to see how it would make sense with sites containing hundreds or thousands of products. I also have a lot to learn when it comes to getting transaction reports, etc… I have a lot of clients wanting to get of Magento and I would like for this to be my go to. I am still trying to learn more about the back-end of foxy and how to complete advanced integrations, I think the back-end could be simplified… but I love the platform. I also think it’s great how once the is set-up you can control the Ecommerce from the Webflow CMS without going onto Foxy cart.Overall a great simple solution…I just need to dig deeper!

  • Scott

@Scott_Van_Zandt I wanted to make note of a couple of things:

  1. We hear ya on the backend and we’ve been hard at work on an entirely new backend that’s faster, has more functionality, and that’s easier on the eyes. You’re going to love it!

  2. Foxy can handle stores with 1 or thousands of products. It all comes down to how you want to manage those products. With Webflow, the only limitations are how many collection items you’re limited to.

As always, let us know if you need anything at all.


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