Streaming live at 10am (PST) + Webflow Ecommerce Website

Before the redesign: Before Link

After the redesign:

Used the amazing @foxy for the Ecommerce
Algolia for the Search (Images need compressing)

This was pre API / CSV uploads so it was pretty tedious to create 220+ Products with multiple variations.

Full list of Integrations & Team Training for Ciro3D:

Widget (Moderate Reviews & Comments) (Manage Social Sharing/Social Analytics) (Manage orders/transaction Dashboard/customer database, ETC) (Manages Images Uploaded to the Customer Gallery)
Google Analytics (Advanced Ecommerce Tracking)
Search Console (Heatmaps & Visual Analytics/Polls/Feedback) (Referral Campaign) (Automated Newsletter & Readers Digest Campaigns)
Adroll (Ad retargeting Campaigns)
ShareASale (Affiliate Marketing Campaign)

4 Month Results:
Bounce Rate Dropped from 62% to 29%
Pages per session went from 3.2 to 8.36
Page View went from 989/Month to 64,657/Month
Monthly Users went from 166 to 5,652
From $976 on Average in Sales per Month to $14,257 on Average in sales per month.

SVZ Design:


Amazing example!
Thank you!

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Wow, great job. Your efforts have certainly seen some excellent results. Well done

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Nice Job! and awesome Results! congrats.

& thanks for the Integrations List. Pretty cool to see a Webflow site making use of all these :slight_smile:

Excellent work @Scott_Van_Zandt

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Nice redesign, and thanks for the list & stats. Nice to see what others are using :smile:


Great job @Scott_Van_Zandt!!!

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@nathanphilsteele Hello Nathan! I saw your post requesting an example of a foxy cart with multiple variations / category. Maybe this example will help :slight_smile:

Couldn’t have done it without Josh at!
Such a great integration, thank you!

@Ilan_Golan @perkristian @0nul @RoseWebStudio @Mwdstudio Thank you I really appreciate the feedback!! I’ve been trying to integrate stats into my case studies more and more.

Good example and great job!

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Great job. Is the website self hosted or webflow hosting?

Great site @Scott_Van_Zandt. I’m curious how you implemented the lightbox feature on your product pages. Did you manually input the images or is there a way you handled this dynamically?


Thanks! The site is Webflow hosted!

Would love to know how you integrated both Foxy & Algolia properly… but I’d understand if you wanted to keep that secret haha

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Hey there,

First of all a nice redesign! I’ve got a question how did you made the select color button? and integrated it with foxy?

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Hi again @studiofive.
I just replied to your other forum post. This particular setup is different in that each product variation gets its own page. This allows for complete control of details, pricing, images, etc. for each variant. Definitely reach out if we can help with anything.



@studiofive Seems that Josh at Foxy answered your question already, but if you need any other help or have any questions please reach out to me via :slight_smile: