Streaming live at 10am (PST) - User Experience and what support i can expect

Hello community,

I am looking for some people who had experience with setting them up as a checkout cart and maybe some similar services that could do the same. I need much more flexible solution to the one that webflow offers on the cart side, more specifically, allow customer to choose product combinations, set max and min limits on sub products within combinations and etc.

what support i can expect from them on the different packages they offer?! can they help me to actually set it up? or i will need to hire external programmers?

On similar topic, did anyone had any experience with a product like but that also includes a database tool for capturing client choices?! thank you in advance.


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Hello @Mikhail_Roshal

I think @foxy can answer all for you.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi @Mikhail_Roshal, I’ve used Foxy in the past with great satisfaction for a personal project for a wedding. It wasn’t cheap in the sense that you’ve got a monthly subscription and I was dealing with low amounts of money. But it was relatively easy to install if you know your way around Webflow. I’ve found that I could easily customize the look&feel from my own website. They’ve got speedy assistance by email, if you need it.


@PiterDimitrov Thanks for the nudge.

@Diu Thank you for sharing your experience.

@Mikhail_Roshal Our team is here to help every step of the way. Out of hundreds of Foxy + Webflow setups, there have only been a couple of times where hiring an outside developer was needed, only because the user needed some pretty fancy functionality that Foxy supports, but that is outside of our support scope.

Foxy can easily handle customizations and combinations. You can then access all chosen options via the Foxy dashboard, email receipt, Zapier, or anywhere really. We can even show you how to send order information back into Webflow. :slight_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help getting started.


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Thank you for taking time to reply to me!

thank you for the fast follow up Josh, what will be the easiest way to get in touch and set up a quick chat/call ?!

Thank you for feedback Piter!

Hi @Mikhail_Roshal.
No problem at all. Please send an email to I’m out part of the day today, but can definitely do a call tomorrow.


will do thank you so much!