Webydo and webflow

Webflow has truly been a blessing for me. I’ve really enjoyed creating websites with it, and love how it allows relatively code-free design but still manipulating code elements through a human interface. Today, I stumbled upon Webydo. At first, the interface was impressive, (although it looks like they copied the finer points from webflow :wink:). I was impressed, however, with the drag and drop capabilities. So, I was wondering if Webflow had plans to do something like this, or if anyone else was interested in such a feature. I think a combination of the two camps - WYSIWYG and code - could be something that finally bridges the gap between mockups and live code. I still make my mockups in Photoshop, and then translate that to webflow. Maybe its best practice to speak Webflow fluently, so to say, but it’s still more natural to “physically” take elements and move them around. Is it feasible, or desirable? I’ll leave that up to ya’ll.

Tl;dr: Personally, I find webflow much better made, intuitive, and user-friendly. Also I get a much better “vibe” from the service, something I never ignore in making decisions. However, there might be interest in an interface that combines code-based and WYSIWYG editing.

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Hi @lizardking I’m with you on Webflow being a blessing, it has changed the way I work for the better. For me it’s Webflow is almost the perfect bridge between development and design, it has all the core “Standard” website features most if not all clients want and allows me to plugin the more custom features when requested like CMS & Web Apps, although when the Webflow CMS arrives if it ticks all my boxes I will not hestitate to jump ship from the CMS I use now to an intergrated hosted CMS.

As for the “Drag & Drop” I think the way Webflow builds websites now is just perfect I prefer dealing with containers and divs, margins and padding, for my sites it makes me feel safer and more at ease with the code being produced when I know the structure, there is something about Webydo & Adobe Muse with there drag drop and place workflows I don’t like, it’s trying to make building websites like designing for print, and in my opinion designing for the web just isn’t the same and they don’t have to be and shouldn’t be.

And you’re right about the vibe of Webflow it’s a real community of web designers and developers, and the customer service is second to none!


I agree with @Aaron. The way Webflow handles the layout is perfect. It allows the flexibility to build the HTML structure in nearly any way you want.


I love webflow, and I am a huge fan. But as designers know the struggle to stay on top of the latest web design technology is a must. I will continue to support Webflow even though other competitors come along and try to copy what they have done. With that being said that doesn’t mean I will shut off any new software package that comes out though. I think if anything we can always use both.

When looking around at the other software packages I am really excited to see how Macaw Scarlet will turn out. They say they will do exactly what you mentioned above; have front end design with the capability to edit the code. They plan on launching sometime in December or January.

I would check them out @lizardking, but I can say I will still be supporting webflow even if I choose to use their program as well. I am sure it will have it’s negatives vs. webflow.