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Found a work around for Asset Manager issue/broken images.. but code Export freezing on image prep

1.) I was asked to rename and replace some images to my job’s site… When uploading the same image with a NEW name, the Asset Manager just ignores the new image instead of adding it or replacing it… (no prompt box or option to replace?) And there is no DELETE feature… So I’m not sure what the AM can do other than View Assets for now…

I unfortunately replaced all the images before export…thinking them to be working correctly as they showed in Preview and never having this issue in the past few months I didn’t hesitate

Solution: When I tested a NEW image that was never uploaded to WebFlow before… Image was then displayed fine on Export…I went through EACH image and Photoshopped them in un-noticeable locations (cloning colors and marking identical areas…) to trick the Asset Manager into thinking they are ‘new’ images… this worked!! Finally got the original images to appear again…
very tedious and unnecessary trouble caused by the AM… never had this issue when exporting code from WebFlow with images over the past few months. I have renamed/replaced images in the in WebFlow without issue on export before the Asset Manager.

Now that I have replaced the images with ‘new’ images the site should theoretically be working again… but I can’t continue testing on my machine because the Export Code is freezing up at ‘Preparing Images’ … this wasn’t happening earlier today. Any thoughts/ recommendations to get this code out…? I need to get this out ASAP

Sorry I can’t share photos or links to the site, I do not have permission to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated… seems like others are having issues with the AM at the moment.