Formular / App implementation

Hello everybody

I’m about to create a website for a small real estate sales office.

On the website I would like to give the opportunity to request a price determination of your property.
Visitors enter information about their object (type of object, apartment, house, year of construction, equipment, etc.). With this information, the rating is created (the creation is done manually) delivered to the customer.

example of competitor
construction plan

I would like visitors to be able to click on the selection options 1,2,6. The selection should mark itself and with the click on the button the visitors come to the next indication.

For sections 3,4,5 and 7 Ill use simple input forms.

My difficulty is how to do it all. I’m a newbie, so the challenge for me is big.

I thought about working with the tabs and using the about-tabs_links as a button. does it make sense?

how can I mark selected selections (1, 2, 6)? like in the screenshot (example of a competitor)

Thanks so much for your help and your inputs. and I’m sorry for my bad English and my lack of development skills * shame about me *