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A special form which display information depending the input


my client wants me to create a form which, depending on the information that visitors enter, returns information.

For example:

If the visitor says he wants to perform a nose surgery.

then we display the names of the doctors who can do that.

etc., etc

Does anyone can help me ?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Take me into the flow. You are on a page where you fill in a form. On submit, you are redirected based on input? or does selecting a nose job immediately show a list of doctors to select from and have that doctor to be selected before submit? Why not have an overview page with all practise offerings?

I think you right the easiest thing to do is to create a page with all doctors of the institute with their fields of skill.

I will talk with my client and come back if this is not accepted.

Thx man.

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Don’t tell them it’s easier, tell them it makes way more sense for users to have the information available to them up front. Otherwise you are hiding information behind a choice users are not aware they are making.