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Formspree integration changed, old action url no longer forwarding

I’ve been using for over a year on all my exported webflow sites. I have almost 300 clients that I am using the formspree integration with. It was always an easy set up, just replace the form action url with this link, set the method to POST, export the site, have the client confirm the formspree email and that was it. Now my clients forms are no longer working, when submitting a form you get a message that the form is not set up. Do I need to create an account for every client now, create a form in the formspree account and then update HTML with the new form endpoint?

Is anyone else experiencing their formspree linked forms no longer working? Any other low cost alternatives you can recommend? I’m looking into FormtoEmail right now. Just seems like a lot of steps to go through for hundreds of clients.

Formspree is phasing out legacy forms…here is the info about it: