Forms to different emails

Quick question regarding WF forms. I have about 10 forms on one page, each one a ‘Contact Me’ form for company staff. How can I get the form to send to the staff members own email address rather than the default address in Site Settings?

Is Zapier my only option?

Hi there,

I guess you’ve already dealt with this but thought I’d comment here to keep attention on this issue as I feel it’s a serious failing from Webflow that needs action sooner rather than later. From what I understand, yes, an external solution like Zapier is the way to go.

If you have not already, please visit the Wishlist item dealing with this issue and add your vote and comments, Webflow support say they ‘use the votes and feedback for each Wishlist item to determine what the Community wants to see the most!’


You can also use a third-party form processor that lets you define the notification email based on the form endpoint. for example; which would require only one change to each form, the action url and method.