2 email forms } 2 email addresses

Hi all hope you’re good.

Just after seeing what others have done here as there seems to be multiple form companies and redirect tools like Zapier.

Our first site is about to be launched and ive made the mistake in believing we can can have 2 forms that go individually to two email addresses.

My head is spinning a bit with the right way to do this.

  • Zapier
  • have both forms going to both emails and somehow filtering in the email client?
  • incorporate a 3rd party form?

We also need file upload and aware the business hosting can do this.

always the case a day before launch :slight_smile:

Many many thanks for reading!


We solved the problem by changing our thinking a little bit, P.S. the support at Zapier was great, and it all worked to redirect emails via Google.

However, the solution we have settled with is to send all the contact form data to one outlook email address, and then use the internal filters to scan the subject line of the email from Webflow (which has the specific contact form info) and forward them to the appropriate email address. So to summarise, the email client does the filtering as opposed to Webflow.

Cheers, hope that’s useful to anyone in the same boat.