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Forms notification recipient not receiving notifications

Hi Guys,

maybe it is to easy and i don’t see it. But i have issues to simply setup a form. The Design is no problem but where do i have to put the email-adress for the recipient, so that my client get the emails? Would be great to get an answer. Maybe there is a tutorial out there. I didn’t found it yet.

Best regards Markus

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Site dashboard > Forms > Notification Settings > Send form submissions to:

Ok. Thanks a lot. But that means that i can only set on form for one site, right? What i have to do if i want two different forms on one site with two different “send form submissions to”?

Best regards, Markus

Sorry. I have another question. Where can i change the Text after sending a message “Thank you! Your submission has been received!” ?

THX, Markus

Hi samliew. It is strange. I don’t get it work. I put the email-address for the recipient in but this address do not recieve my test-mails :(. I attached a screenshot.

THX, Markus

Hi @Markus_Reinecke, there can be a number of reasons why the emails are not being received. It sounds like maybe the mails are getting bounced by the receiving mail server.

If you could send a mail to with the site link and link to this post, I am happy to check our logs.

Thanks in advance!

You can change the “Thank you, you’re…” In the settings when you press the form.

So press form > go to settings tab > press success message in settings > click the success box and success text > make them have classes > and then edit. Hope this helps. :wink:

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