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Form submissions not received for exported site

Hi Guys,

I build a website with webflow and i put a form inside. I put the email-address for the recipient in the site-settings section “Send form submissions to:” (–> If i now export the code an put it on the server everything is fine so far, till i try to send a test-mail. The test-mail do’s not arrived in the mail-box of What do i wrong?

Best regards, Markus

Hi @Markus_Reinecke, in order for the form submissions to continue to work on an exported site, a hosting subscription must be added to the site the form is based on in Webflow.

If the plan is to host the site outside of Webflow, one thing to consider is to point the forms at your own mailscript or third party mail service, for example MailChimp.

I hope this helps!

Hi cyberdave. Thank’s for your fast response. For my first site with webflow i would like to run the form on my own mailscript. Do you have an idea, how i can make this possible?

THX Markus

Hi @Markus_Reinecke, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, you can point the form to your mail script url by putting the url to the mailscript file in the Action field. Set the form Method to POST.

Take peek at this article on working with exported forms:

After you export the form, when the form is submitted, the url in the Action field will be called and the form fields posted to the mail script.

Webflow does not support external mail scripts, but there are examples all over the web, plus it is possible for you to share your code here to get help :slightly_smiling:

Hi Dave. I’am not a pro in forms i guess ;). First, what is my mail script url ( I will paste this url in this action field (see attachment) and set the Method on Post. Than it will work?

THX, Markus

Hi Dave. Here is also a code-snippet of the form. Would be great if you can help me to run the form.

THX Markus

Hi @Markus_Reinecke, normally the mail script is available with most third party hosting, who do you host with?

The host for the site is called netcup (

Hi Dave,

i’am really confused right now. I tryed to use a website-template of webflow with a form inside (It is called space) to test. If i put in the settings-section the email-address (info@cs-konstruktionen). I exported this template and put it on the server of netcup. I tryed the form on the live-system and guess what. The mail arrived in my mail-box of netcup.

Like i said…iam really confusd :slight_smile:

Hi @Markus_Reinecke, thanks for getting back to me. I cannot explain that. From what I can tell, there is no action field pointing at an external mailscript, so it is somewhat a mystery.

If the issue should present itself, feel free to post again.

Hi Dave. It is working now. YEEEEAH. I think it was a fault by myself. Never the less. I tahnk you for your support and i wish you a nice day :slight_smile:

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