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Forms not working with Pardot Form Handler

Hi all, I’m having trouble understanding why my new form isn’t working. I’m using Pardot’s form handlers to process form submissions on another site and it works well there. But, even though I believe I duplicated the process exactly with this new site, it simply won’t work.

Here’s the read-only link to my new site (the one that isn’t working):

Here’s the read-only link to my old site (the one that is working):

The reason I’m using Form handlers to process submissions is because that’s the only way to have my forms full built inside webflow, using the new recaptcha v2, and still work with Pardot. We need these to work with Pardot so we can automate our lead capture and automation processes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated but please understand that I’m not a web developer and I have very limited knowledge of coding… almost no knowledge :slight_smile:


Never mind, I figured it out. User error :wink:
I had the wrong field names, they weren’t matching up.

@MIJason, can you please re-post your read-only links to these sites? I’m trying to integrate a Pardot form handler into a site we’ve got going as well, and I’m stumped. It’s a bigger issue than just the wrong field names for us, for sure. But having some kind of step-by-step guide of how you set this up would be phenomenally helpful for me. Thanks for any assitance you can give!

Hi there – I successfully have Pardot forms working on my Webflow website. Figured I’d share with the community here.

The endpoint URL is the form handler URL from Pardot. ( is my tracker domain). Make sure you use SSL!

Here’s how everything is setup in Pardot:

And in Webflow:

The only thing that was tricky was the Recaptcha - but the documentation on that from Webflow + Pardot is good. I needed to setup recaptcha because one of the URLs i have a form on gets spammed constantly.

Let me know if you have any other questions –- happy to help!

ps. /shameless plug: i recently wrote up a review of Webflow including all the things I wish I knew before I switched from Wordpress to Webflow.

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Wow, sorry for the late reply, I don’t get notifications from the forum for some reason. Anyway, thanks a ton for your simple, clear instructions. I’m going to try to get form handlers to work again as I truly despise the form designs in Pardot and want full control of UI that Webflow gives. As I recall I had a lot of trouble with the AJAX issues but I’ll give it another shot.

Can you point me toward the solution details you found for the recaptcha?

Thanks @marchummel!

@marchummel great guide, really helpful!
So I followed your instructions, but still not working for me.
When I fill out the form, the pages just refreshes with no message or anything. When in Pardot the lead is not created.
Is there something I’m missing? Did you have to do anything in Pardot to have this work? (Domain tracking, etc.)

Hi Jason, I am getting the exact same thing where my page just refreshes as opposed to laying on the Endpoint URL (my thank you page).

Have you had any joy fixing this?

Hey Elliott, actually I did!
Leave the endpoint URL empty in Webflow, and in the Pardot form handler add your thank you page URL as the endpoint URL.
Also make sure the field names are mapped correctly.

Can you provide screenshots from Webflow and Pardot for the final solution?