Form unable to submit on hosted site only

Hi there,

My form is working properly in the io link. It submits, redirects to a success page (for facebook pixel purposes) and uses Zapier to collect in Mailchimp.

All that works until I host on my own URL.

Want to know if there is an issue on my end, or if I should contact the devops team on my end to troubleshoot.


Hi @jason09 It looks like you exported your site and are hosting elsewhere. I looked at your code and the form action attribute isn’t in there:

try adding your mailchimp action URL

Thanks for the info! Pasting that URL removed the error but now the information isn’t making it to MailChimp.

I have the forms mirroring each other in order and FIELDTAG - haven’t had any issues there in the past on io. With this new action url it isn’t pushing to Mailchimp on the IO or .com despite fixing the error message issue.

Should I focus more on troubleshooting the Mailchimp > Webflow setup?