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Forms not submitting in Chrome 🤔

All forms on my site seem to be behaving strangely in Chrome, but working fine in Firefox.

The form data is sort of submitted (I get an email, but no Zapier zaps are triggered), but there’s no front-end indication to the user that the form has been successfully submitted (no success message).

This all works fine on Firefox though, zaps are triggered and success message is displayed.

My site:
2 forms on this page:
1 form on this CMS page:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Bumping this! Anyone else had problems?

Hi @JamesDaly, can you try submitting a form in incognito mode and see if it goes through?

I was not able to reproduce the success message not showing when testing in Chrome.

Thanks very much for following up @johnramos :smile: it’s suddenly working fine again, so nothing to worry about I guess!

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