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Forms: Changing label / value does not affect "For" Attribute


I’m creating a simple form on webflow. I have a radio group. Once I added a radio group, I duplicated it and changed the “group name” and “Choice” value. I have also changed the Label Text. But When I inspect I found that the for="" attribute does not change. It keeps the first value (the group which we duplicated)

So, Its really hard to create the same style each and every time for a Long Form.

So, I ask Webflow to fix this soon. Attaching a screenshot for better understanding.

@PixelGeek @cyberdave @brryant

Any help?

I have also noticed an another bug, which is when we added a Div inside the Radio Div, I can’t delete that particular div without deleting that radio block completely.

@sabanna Do you have any idea about this?

Could you share read-only link, please?

This is how you share a read only link. :wink:

@sabanna @VladimirVitaliyevich

I’m on mobile now. But you can simply reproduce this by :

  1. Create a radio group (maybe 3-4 items)
  2. Duplicate the group
  3. Now try changing value / label.

It won’t affect the for attribute. it will keep same as the original group which we drag and drop.

See above screenshot.


can you please share your read-only link so we can help you faster?

Without this link we we are not able to dig around in your site’s design to find the root issue.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling:

@PixelGeek Here you go:

If I understand your question correctly.

  • You have a label that you manually copy.
  • The new element copies over the name for attributes.
  • So if you have an email label and copy it… exporting the code shows the new element with a similar “for email”.
  • And you cannot change this in webflow.

I believe this is a bug.
I came across this issue sometime in 2015.
No one ever answered my questions about this.

The only fix for this… is to manually create your labels.

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@Revolution Exactly Mate!

So, it’s not fixed after a year?

I used to believe that startups with small group of people fix bugs right away :frowning:

@PixelGeek Did you had a chance to look at the Preview URL?

I’d love to hear a reply from you soon.


Hi @surjithctly, thanks for the link, I am investigating this and as soon as I have an update, I will post a reply.

Thanks in advance

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@cyberdave Any solution?

Hi @surjithctly, thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the delay. I have been testing this on a new site and I am unable to reproduce the issue on a new site, with new form.

I have been able to observe the issue on the site you reported, and I am still investigating the root cause for that, why it is affecting this site and not a new site.

It could be this behavior is triggered by some particular sequence of steps that is not too common, and that may be why we have not seen more than a couple of isolated cases like this reported. I want to find out why this is happening for sure.

As soon as I have an update, I will let you know immediately.

@cyberdave I have added a DIV inside the radio-wrap, To make the active style.

May be that’s the reason?


Hi @surjithctly, thanks for the update, I am checking on that, I will update as soon as possible.

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