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Changing radio button value

Is it just me? or is this a bug?
When im changing the value of a radio button select another element and go back to the radio button the value has changed back to the old value.
Example old value: 3days
I change it to: 4 days
When i look again on this radio button it says the old value 3 days again.

This happends in all my projects on webflow

Thank you

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Add read-only link + URL. Looks fine to me (Clear cache + try incognito mode).

You can group the two buttons by adding the same Group Name to both. read more

Maybe your group names are wrong

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Hi @Maurice_Dibbets

I’m also unable to reproduce this. Standing by for the Read-Only @Siton_Systems requested :slight_smile:

Hi @Brando and @Siton_Systems

Here is a sharelink of an example:

If i change any of the 3 radio buttons value click away and go back. the radio button value remains the old value.

I hope you can help

Hi @Maurice_Dibbets

It looks like you need to select the entire radio button field, rather than just the radio button itself:

Radio button field:

Just radio button:

I’ve reported this weird issue to the team and we’ll get this resolved. Thanks for finding this! :bowing_man:


Awesome it works. thank you!


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