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Formatting text tabs

Hi there,

I need to add a price list with pricing on the same line as the item, just tabbed to the right to ensure all prices are in line with one another.

I noticed on the Webflow website you have achieved a similar outcome for the number of minutes each of the tutorials go for.

The client will be provided with a CMS login to change the prices and descriptions so keeping the text in the same box as the price would be a preference.


Look here:

H1 class video name is set to float left, and the h1 video time is set to float right.

If you have bugs coming on the next elements after a floating element, it’s because you have to clear the floats at a moment. Try to play around with float

You can also try inline elements or inline blocks with a padding. It usually works great and no need for clearing afterwards.

Thanks for your help Vincent :smile:

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