How to add 3 boxes for price-points


You can create three div-s, assign them float left + right margin to keep distance between then; then you style them to look like those boxes. You can either assign them fixed width or 33% (given that you put the three of them inside a parent div with 100% width).

How do I style them to look like those boxes?

Well, you start with re-creating the borders - make the same borders using the “Borders” section in the paintbrush icon column on your right-hand screen; then add some padding and then add another div inside for all the remaining content.

Hi Tim,

I recreated the pricing boxes you were looking for, here is the project:

A few things i used:

How to wrap a text in a span:

Highlight the text you want to have different styles, click on the brush tool on the right, give it a new class name, for example: Price text and style it!.

Also, for the little line you were looking for, drop a div where you want the line to be, and style it like so:

One little thing, have the width for the 3 boxes set on auto, if it’s not on auto it will most likely break the responsiveness.

Hope this helped!


Hi Michael, thanks for your reply, here are the things I’m still having problems with:

Also, Michael can you please answer this too? I’ve asked it a couple times to other people but have not yet received an answer that shows how to create the “Features” section where the user is taken to a separate URL for each feature she clicks on. Here it is explained more:

For the second question do you mean this? (Example 3)

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