Form not working on just one site (on others it works)

Can anybody help me, this form isn’t working…and i can’t figure out why.
It’s the third form on this site, but the second didn’t work either.
So i remade it, ‘oops something went wrong’
Number 3 is on a clean ‘test’ page and there is only the basic form, straight from the collum…

Went to another website we’ve made in WF, did the same, and it works over there…

And this one, it keeps saying it won’t send…what am i missing???

Thx in advance!
When we meet a belgian beer will be yours!

Here is the published page

And the WF

Hi @Ben_Onkelinx,

Please check in Project Settings > Forms > reCAPTCHA Validation - if you have reCAPTCHA validation enabled for all forms on the site.

If so, you can add a reCAPTCHA field to your form and it should work!

Hope this helps!