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Hi everyone,
I have this slider form with custom code that I cloned and pasted in my website, however the submit button does not seem to be working. It’s in the ‘consult’ section of the website, and the quote form is perfectly working fine for me. The form template that I used is this: Multi-Step Form (Slider + JS) - Webflow
The submit button just doesn’t respond at all & I’m sure it’s something with the custom code.

Also, would it be possible to make the slider go to next slide so one can book a meeting thru Calendly embed?

I apologize for asking two questions in one. Thank you guys in advance!

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Typically in a multi-step form like this, submit problems occur when you have a field on a previous page that is not validating. That problem often doesn’t actually appear until the browser’s own form validation runs, and you cannot see the error message since it’s on a previous tab.

In your case here, the problem is that your company name field ( step 1 ) is an email address field type. So it’s failing validation. Change that field time to plaintext and it will submit fine.

Yes, but you’ll need some additional script work to do that.
When the form submits successfully, Webflow hides the whole form, and the form contains your slider which means step 5 would be gone.

You need some code to prevent the form from hiding when the success message displays, and to navigate to a step 5.

Feel free to PM me if you need help with that coding.

Also the link’s not working in your original post, so noting them here.

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Thank you! This worked perfectly. I will PM you about the code question. Thank you sir.