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Form submission notification: only show checked data in submission mail

For a client, I have multi choice radio buttons in my form. When the client receives the form submission via e-mail, she gets the whole list, which can be unclear.

For example the e-mail show this:
Accounting/Control: false
Engineering: false
Finance: false
Fundraising: false
General Management: false
Human Resources: false
Information Services: true
Law: false
Logistics: false
Manufacturing/Operations: false
Marketing: false
Medicine: false
Planning: false
Product Development: false
Project Management: false
Public Relations: false
Purchasing: false
Religion: false
Research & Development: true
Sales: false
Teaching: false
Other: false

Is it possible to only show the checked data in submission mail? Like this:
Information Services: true
Research & Development: true

Is there any workaround to this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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