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Form submission is not readable

Hi there,

For one of my clients, I made a form with several checkbox fields.
In principle, the form works, BUT the submission comes in cryptogram (see attachment).
I’ve tried changing the names of the boxes (see attachment), but everytime I do, it will change back to “checkbox” or “checkbox 2”. Very ennoying.
Also, in the form submission, it only shows two checkboxes in stead of six.

I’d like it to say:
Email (in stead of Name 2):
Training of informatie: Training OR Informatie (in stead of First)
Kernwaarden: true/false (or even better: aan/uit OR on/off) (in stead of checkbox: true)
Visie: true/false (in stead of checkbox: true)
Persoonlijke blokkade: true/false
… etc

I don’t know how to solve this problem. Hope you can help me…

Thanks in advance!!

(Form is on the page “trainingen”)

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