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Form submission issues

For my site I have created a form for my client to receive whenever he gets a new client. When the form is submitted the email displays with the From Name, email template etc. But on the form I added an extra section so his clients can specify what they need. That section does not appear in the email. How can I get the extra custom input box to display in the email? I hope that makes sense

Hi H&C :wink:

From 1st impression id say you might added the extra section outside the form? I can’t really tell…
If you’ll post a Link to your website, I can take a look and get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:

sorry i forgot to put that in. But yes, its an extra section. I needed more than just an email and name in the form.

Hey @humanandcompany,

I am sorry, I must have missed your answer. Is the problem still persist?