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Hello dear Webflow community,

I have a basic plan on my webflow site. I have two forms integrated into my site, which look the same but are built on two separate pages. The first one is set up so that the form submissions can be received in Airtabe using a webhook. When I try to do the same with my second form, it works well with test data, but with the published site, I do not receive any data into the Airtable. I have checked the setup multiple times, replicated the same setup as in the first form and also tried third-part integration using Pipedream. But to no use. This problem is persisting since few days and I really hope you can tell me what the issue is. I am on the deadline and I would appreciate any help that you could provide.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a read-only link:

Hi @ridaruheen

You’re using Logic for the automation which unfortunately does not show any step configuration details or History through the readonly link. Nothing the community can help you debug this with.

Your main action here will be to carefully compare your two Logic Flows and see if you can find a difference. Webflow support might or might not be able to help, if you’ve contacted them.

You might also try switching to Make .com for the automation, it’s cheaper and more capable ( but requires a bit more integration work ).

If you’re totally stuck and in an emergency, click my name to drop me a message, I can send my consulting rate and you can invite me into the project to have a look or ( as a plan B ) do a quick transition to Make .com.

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