Form Submission from client's hosting

I made a site in webflow and published it on a customer’s hosting. I exported all Html codes and hosted them to customer hosting. I need to know regarding the form submission:

  1. While submitting forms from the live site, an error message is appearing. How do I get out of the error state? I guess the setup was not proper.

  2. How do I connect the form data to Google Sheets? Is it possible in any way? - This is the site

Read only site in webflow : Webflow - Aadora Industries Limited

Please help me.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Where are you submitting them to? If you’re hosting your site elsewhere, than you need to build or integrate a forms processor to handle the form submissions.

If your end goal is to get those submissions into Google Sheets, you can use an automation service like Make/Zapier and a bit of programming to connect your form to an automation, and then use that automation to push your data into Google Sheets.

It’s also possible to post directly to Google Sheets, with some setup work;

Here’s a modern approach to getting your form submissions into Google Sheets. It’ll also (most likely) fix your erroring issue on form submission:

The walk through on that forum post also includes a cloneable for you. To help debug your issue you could always export that and see if it works out-of-the-box on your clients host.

It requires a free Make (Integromat) account but you get to bypass a lot of chaos that some of the older approaches walk you through.

Hope that helps!