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Webflow Form submition in external hosting

Hello All,

So I have exported my webflow website and am hosting it on GoDaddy hosting problem is you loose form functionality. I wanted to keep the design of the form because the design has been approved by client really hope you guys could help me with that.

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This resource should help you;

The ajax form submission will keep the site looking exactly as it does pre-export.

We use something similar and it works well. You just need the back-end script somewhere to handle the request.

Hi, I’d recommend using Web-Form-Buddy form processor. I’ve used this company, who are based in the UK, for many years. You simply build your form in Webflow, export it, then set your form up in your Web-Form-Buddy account then replace the <form id= line in your form page with the <form id= they give you and you have a secure form. Users have a ‘buddy-data’ account where they can collect their submissions (or you can direct submissions as email). Web-Form-Buddy has all the usual form processing features such as auto-responder, captcha, multi-recipients, on-completion message and redirect from the form (I always redirect back to the home page), email subject line etc. I have about 50 sites and can admin them all in one control panel. WFB offer discounts for multi sites and start at $39.95 per site per annum I believe.