Form Submission Failure

I have a simple contact form on my home page that always fails on submit. All fields are plain text (even the email and phone). The form itself is hidden and is part of an interaction (I thought that might be causing the problem but I tried it without the interaction and no luck that way either). Clicking I WANT UPDATES button will show/hide the form. I’ve included a screen cap of the failed submission and the forms settings. Form submissions are not hidden and login access isn’t required. I’m scratching my head so hard it’s bleeding! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the published link:

Did you reach the monthly form submission limit based on your account privileges? If yes, you’ll have to upgrade to continue receiving emails.

No. This is the first form I’ve created and tested. It’s really weird.

Are you using the form on a webflow hosted site or on an exported site hosted elsewhere?

It’s a webflow hosted site.

Seems like the form submission to the default URL doesn’t complete. You’ll have to contact support to investigate this further.

Alternatively, you can try to clone the entire project and see if that fixes it.

Also, it might be related to this issue, either use recaptcha OR not at all.

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That’s it!! When I disabled recaptcha in Project Settings and republished I was able to submit the form without a problem. Once the site is ready to be published to the actual domain I’ll reenable and put it on all the forms. Thanks so much for your help!

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This helped me too! Thanks team.