Form submission - Error

Hi all,

My first post here :slight_smile: I’m trying to add a submission form to my webflow site, and I already tried MailChimp and Formspark.

First, I tried with Formspark, added action to my site, and used POST, seen 1 test submission. However, something happened and now it didn’t work at all.

Second, I tried Mailchimp, and basically, the same issue - there was no success… Documentation is quite clear and when I’m doing direct URL from mailchimp - everything is working. Something is wrong with Webflow.

Your support is much appreciated. If you need more information, please tell me.

Hey Don,

There isn’t anything “between” a Webflow-generated HTML form and a custom action target. Your form submissions get captured by your browser and sent to the action URL. Check the HTML itself and you can see what it’s generating.

If you’re asking the community to help, you’ll need to share the published page with the form you’re having problems with, and your designer readonly link for that page as well, with instructions on how to find it, what data you’re testing, any scripts you’re running, anything else relevant.

Hi Michael,

Got it! It seems there was issue with cookies, tried on phones - all good and then cleared down cookies and now it works!

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