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Form Select dropdown options link to different pages?


I’m implementing a form dropdown menu like at the top of this page:

but instead of going through to another form, I want each selection in the dropdown to point to a page on the website. Eg is someone selects one option they go to page A, if another option page B and so on.

is this possible and if so, how do i implement it please.

Thanks a lot


Hey @GrahamCox

Great timing I am actually working on something similar for one of my clients. This is possible in Webflow.
You will need to use the embed widget.

Find an example of it on [my sand-box site][1].
find it at the bottom of the custom forms page.

Essentially you will want to place your embed widget where your current form is and past this code into it.

See my replay below for the updated code.

It uses the same form code that Webflow uses plus a little JavaScript

Hope this helps


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Let me update this code so it works better :smiley:

<form onsubmit="location.href='' + document.getElementById('myInput').value; return false;">

  <select class="w-input yourclassnocaps"  id="myInput" required >

<option value="" disabled selected>Select a page...</option>

 <option value="yourpageslug">Your Page Name</option>


  <input class="w-button yourclassnocaps" type="submit" />

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Thanks very much for that Alex, that’s a huge help.


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