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How to create two drop down menus, selecting in the first one Option A B or C + in the second one Option 1 2 3 and click submit. Then loading the page for that combination of choices. i.e A2, B1 etc

I need to create two menus, with a drop down menu each.

First: With the options of A B C D
Second: With the options 1 2 3 4
and a submit button when selected an option in the first plus an option in the second drop down menu.

When submitting, I send user to a different page depending on the combination of selections.
so A1 goes to
B3 goes to

Is this possible in Webflow?

I have achieved this functionality using Jotform, but I’d love avoiding to pay another 19$ in addition to the price of Webflow.

Thanks a lot for helping

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @fernando_al

In order to achieve this strictly as you’re suggesting you will need to add custom code, I’m not sure what would be the way to do it using custom code.

But, maybe changing the logic behind your idea maybe you can nest a dropdown of links into another dropdown to provide that functionality, something like this:

  1. Dropdown A
  1. Dropdown B

and so on.