Form Placeholder - text field not showing on IPHONE

Hello everyone!

I built a product for Webflow and discovered a problem, on iPhone again… About the text fields showing nothing into placeholders.

This is a huge problem - I ran everywhere to find a solution but nothing worked. We need a definitive answer, I saw topics with no response.

It is very strange that even the button does not show text AND the borders are not straight.

View link: Webflow - JOKAN Studio | Webdesign agency

Live link - Register

What do you think about it ? The first time it happened to me.

*The form is linked to Memberstack

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Khalilwebdesign I have tested live page on my iPhone with latest iOS in Safari, Brave, Firefox and Chrome and in all browsers are placeholders displayed as they should.So no issue on my side.

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It so weird - maybe people dont have the last updates ? I tried on BrowserStack and it shows me the same issue on the screenshot above, and some people have the same issue on their iPhone.

I feel a little better about you are not experiencing issues but what for other people : /

PS: I updated the post with a live link to the right page

hi @Khalilwebdesign while BrowserStack can be helpful and most accurate from all emulators it is still just emulator. You can the true behaviour only on real devices.

Sure but people send me screenshots of the problem that is how I know about it.

in this case try use your favourite search engine if there will be some article or mention that may narrow down where issue can be as this issue isn’t related to Webflow it self.

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Sorry I can’t help further.

Here is a good post to understand the problem and how it is better to not only use placeholders but labels too: Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute — Smashing Magazine

For the submit button I think the problem is the same and it has to be a custom submit button to work everywhere.

I have a new clue - It seems to be the font itself. A license problem. So I changed it to a basic like Inter.