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Placeholder text for fields not showing in IE or Mobile

I have a form that works great on Chrome

But not on Chrome (iPhone), IE or Safari. For eg

I can’t find anything in the Forum about this. Any Ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Nic1,

Can you point out where exactly is that form on the website?

Hey @avivtech! It’s in a CMS Collections Page called “Specials Template”

Ok, so I have found this.

Try giving the input elements a float-left attribute and see if that changes the game

@avivtech Unfortunately, no luck. Tried floating left and right. Still no placeholder text unless on Chrome. :thinking:

tough one!
Can you share the published site link with me? so I can test it?

Thanks bud. Here is the link to the specific page:

Could you try giving the input position: relative, and transparent background?

Still no change unfortunately.

Can you try changing the line height to 1px?

@avivtech Dude, legend! I’m not sure how or why, but it worked. Unfortunately not on Safari or Chrome on mobile still though.

That last one was @jorn’s idea !
So did we only partly solve this??

Thank you @jorn as well! Ya, it works great in Chrome, Safari and even IE, but the placeholder still doesn’t show on mobile Chrome or Safari.

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Hey, @Nic1 thats is strange. Let me check on that and get back.

Try to remove line height from tablet and landscape as well and I’ll think you all good :grinning:

Just checked on my phone and it works for me. iPhone 6s.

Thanks @jorn and @avivtech! Embarrassed that I missed the change down to mobile portrait :blush:.

I’m having another issue with checkboxes on another form. All, but one is submitting as selected, even if all are selected.

The “Subscribe to our blog” link to the form is on this page:

In Webflow > Blog Posts Template

I couldn’t find an answer to this in the forum, should I start a new thread?

If you remove all the interactions and classes from all the checkbox elements, does the form works ok?

Hmm, I’ll do that as a last resort. Will take some time to remove all the classes and interactions. I used these checkboxes ( as a reference. They’re also mentioned in this post - Styling checkbox

@OvertonGraphics is the clever author. Josh, did you have any problems with checkboxes submitting as false even when checked?