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Unable to preview my website properly on iOS

I am unable to preview my website on iOS properly, please guide in this issue. Any help would be appreciated, on android and desktop it is working fine, the problem is with iOS which is strange.
thank you guys.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I just tried it on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and i had no problem accessing the site.

What phone are you trying on and is it updated to the lates firmware?

Kind regards,

Jörn :sweden:

Hi @JornK

Thank you for getting in touch, I am still not able to view the complete page on my iPhone XS and I am on latest firmware.

Hi again,

After some investigation, it looks like there might be a problem with the font and Safari and certain settings because the font is working in some places and in others not. I found somethings online also discussing problems with this font and Safari.

​If you’re on Mac you can try to open your project in Safari and see that the font isn’t showing in the class paragraph 2 at all or at the font dropdown in the settings. Choose another font in the class paragraph 2 and see that it is working. I’ve been doing tests back and forth and it behaves strangely, meaning it works sometimes and others not.

My suggestion is to upload the font in another format, maybe downloading it from another place or using another font altogether.

​Let me know how it goes.
​Kind regards,

Jörn :sweden: