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Form on exported site not sending form submissions to Webflow

Hi, the site is hosted elsewhere, however I’m under the impression the form should work?

I just get an error saying ‘message not sent’

I tried installing the formmail php too, but couldn’t get that to work, I even just tried having a simple post email form and that didn’t work

Any help would be appreciated, seems difficult


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Andrew_Braithwaite

There have been recent changes in form handling (no longer being supported) on external sites, for more details see @Brando response on this post last week:

Also, I found the navbar you needed to delete a few days ago, in this thread:

Hope those help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Andrew_Braithwaite, as @StuM mentioned, Webflow no longer accepts form submissions on sites hosted outside of Webflow, however there are a number of ways to collect the form submissions, see here:

The formmail php you mentioned should be created and run on your own hosting server, you would put the url to that PHP file in your Form Action Field in the Webflow designer settings.

If you need help with the PHP file, a place to ask that question would be on the code help category:

I hope this helps.

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