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[auto-fixed] MailChimp form integration troubles [details & pics included]

I did everything required by the tutorials. I copied the action link into the form, but doesn’t work. Now I always get the error message by default when I load the site up on the server and don’t know what to do. Would appreciate some help guys.

Here’s the public link, signup form at bottom:

Appreciate your time guys!

Ok, managed to fix the “error” state on the form that was appearing as default. MailChimp integration isn’t working still though. Even though I get the success message when tossing in a test email, no emails appear on mailchimp :sleepy:

I’m getting the error message:

Notice that the action link on MailChimp is inputted correctly it seems:

And the settings on the form on Webflow:

I posted the public link above so we can solve this. Thanks guys :smile:

GOOD NEWS! I got it working. The guide works and everything is working well.

It was probably always working but here’s what misled me: MailChimp sends a confirmation email. I was inputting fake (test) emails to test it, which is what lead me to think it wasn’t working at all.

Pedro we are having the same trouble it is not working look at comtact us contact form