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Form Name Doesn't Change

I have multiple forms on the site. Both with different names (inside the designer) However, changing the form name doesn’t change the {{formName}} variable in the notification emails.

Am I missing something?

Hello @pixelsock

Have you checked all your forms names?

I have noticed that you have some of them like this:

Maybe that will help

@aaronocampo Thanks for the reply!

Ok so I’ve made sure that all the forms are changed to subscribe form but the form name still isn’t changing in the site settings page. Should it? It’s still Reading Email Form 2 (see screenshot attached). The other form on the site settings page is still reading “Email Form” but also has a different form name… “Contact Form”.

The form names in the site settings page aren’t a huge deal really, I’m mainly trying to figure out why the email notifications aren’t reflecting the custom form names.

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