Form - multiple checkboxes, only one required

Hi all!
I have a group of checkboxes. Is that possible to make required at least one checkbox in the group? So, I want to apply “required” setting to a group of checkboxes, but not a single checkbox. If users don’t select at least one checkbox in the group I want to show an error message.

Please advise.

Did you find an answer for this? I’m looking for exactly the same solution

This would require custom code. I personally use and this validator when this is needed. It’s a paid library. You might find an alternative.


I tried a solution, with a script like this:

but it doesn’t worked - I’ll guess according to the error and success messages in webflow.

Do you have an example how you did it?

Hello everyone!

Working on a client project and I had the same requirement. I think I’ve found a solution with the code bellow

    var requiredCheckboxes = $('.class-of-a-div-that-wraps-checkboxes :checkbox[required]');
        if(':checked')) {
        } else {
            requiredCheckboxes.attr('required', 'required');

Piter :webflow_heart:

Any tutorial or step by step instructions you care to share? Would be extremely helpful in completing the perfect product for a client of ours…

Yes, this seems to work in principle. When using this, you must make all checkboxes within the container Required. When at least one checkbox is clicked the script makes the others not required as far as I can see.

Shortcoming: When no box is checked Webflow’s default error will point to the first checkbox to say that that must be ticked, which is incorrect. So, the script would have to be expanded to address this. Or even better, Webflow include this kind of functionality out of the box.