How to set radio button fields to 'required'

Hey, I have a multi-step form on my website which includes a couple of slides featuring radio button fields, I would like to set it so that at least one of the radio button fields are required to be selected before moving onto the next slide, at the moment I can only set each individual field to ‘required’ but that wouldn’t make sense because they would then have to select all fields to move onto the next section… anyone here know how to fix this? Thank you. (Head over to the ebook page to find the form)

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I wonder if you can use this same solution on radio buttons:

@enver1998 - did you find a solution to this? I’m come up against this problem today too. Hoping you have a fix that you can share? :grinning:

Radio buttons are already designed so that only one can be chosen within a Radio button group. To make it required that a selection must be made, just click the required option under Radio Button field settings.

Doesn’t matter whether you do this on just one of the radio buttons in the group, or all of them, you’ll get the same behavior of “one must be selected for this field to be valid”.

The problem in your case is the multi-step form. Normally, you’d use some custom code to checkValidity() of the form, and navigate if you get green lights. However you’re using a slider, which complicates things. Might check and see if BRIX has a solution for this as part of their component designs.