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Required checkbox not working

I picked up this really cool Webflow multi-step form but I notice that required checkboxes are allowing me to proceed regardless of being checked. Any idea what’s happening here?

Here is my site Read-Only:

It seems they’re allowing you to click on Next, which isn’t a form submission but just a button that is showing the next part of the form. This form is broken into several parts but only show and hide are used to present them one after another. if you don’t check the boxes, you actually can’t submit the form on the last step.

I suggest you put those boxes on the last step, or any required field on the last step. because this multi step form is just a hack, it’s not a real multi step form. Many issues can happen, and the first one is how to deal with requested fields that are on passed steps?

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Thanks for your response Vincent, I think the client wants all inputs required but also wanted a multi-step form like this one… time to find a new form so! :expressionless:

Hi Vincent,
Another cloned multi-step form on Webflow appears to take the same approach, i.e. use a slider. However this one also works in that it highlights the required inputs that haven’t been entered. How does this one differ to the one I’m using and is there something I can do to my form to make it work like the one below? It looks it’s using a script over to overcome the issue…?